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The easiest way is just to create an account here. By providing consent, we’ll then be able to access your prescription records, dispense and deliver them to you for free!


Text 'DELIVER' to 78866

Just send us a text and we’ll spring into action. We’ll give you a call back the next working day and sort the rest out from there.


Call us on 01642 656806

If you’d still prefer the traditional way, that’s fine! We’re always happy to take your call. You can provide consent and nominate Linthorpe Pharmacy over the phone. We can then get your repeat prescriptions set up and ready to be delivered.

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Can I use the NHS App to order my medicines?

Yes you can!

You can download the NHS App to your smartphone and connect to your GP surgery. From there you’ll be able to see your regular repeat medication.

You can let us know or ask your GP surgery to nominate Linthorpe Pharmacy. Once this is done, you can order your medicines from the comfort of your own home using your smart phone.

Can I still order my medicines through my surgery website?

Yes you can!

You’ll see that there are a number of ways in which you can order your prescription. So long as you have nominated Linthorpe Pharmacy by letting us know then you can continue to use your GP surgery website to order your medicines.

Your prescription will come straight through to us, we’ll check it over and then make sure it’s delivered on time.

You can nominate Linthorpe Pharmacy by creating an account or by texting ‘DELIVER’ to 78866 and we’ll give you a call back.

I'm not confident with websites, what else can I do?

Don’t worry. Many people are not overly confident with using website or smartphones to order their medicines.

So long as you’re let your GP surgery know you’d like to nominate Linthorpe Pharmacy, then they will be able to arrange for your regular prescription to come through to us.

Ask your GP practice to nominate Linthorpe Pharmacy using the code FNP01 – they’ll know what to do and should be able to help you.

If my repeat medication changes, do I need to let you know?


We’ll be notified of any changes to your repeat medication. Furthermore, if you usually order through your GP surgery website or the NHS App, you’ll be able to see the changes your GP has made.

How quick is delivery?

If you have a regular monthly (or two-monthly) repeat medication, it is likely this will be on repeat dispensing. If this is the case, we will know when your next prescription is due and will make sure it is dispensed and delievered in good time so you don’t run out.

You can ask your GP surgery to set up repeat dispensing. This makes things so much easier as the pharmacy is then able to dispense all your repeat prescriptions without you needing to be reminded. Speak to your GP about this.

If you need an acute or ‘one-off’ prescription delivered, we will normally arrange for this to be delivered by the next working day at the latest. Our local delivery drivers usually deliver the same day so long as the pharmacy receives the prescription before 2pm.

Is delivery always free?

Yes. We will never charge for delivery.

Do you pay for your prescription?

If you are required to pay for your NHS prescription, please complete the relevant information using the form on the right.

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